Perspex Screens, Barriers, Social Distancing structures for…


In fact any public place that needs to get ready for our new world of social distancing.

The law requires that you comply with the guidelines relevant to your premises so please ask if you need help or advice.

Call us in 0203 893 5797 for a NEW brochure or visit social distancing for business

Doctor’s surgeries, General Practitioner, Reception, General Practitioner, Offices, Pubs, Restaurants, Cafes, Call centres, Banks, Schools, Colleges, Hotels, Opticians, Doctors, Factories, Airports, Care Homes, Museums, Galleries, Canteens, Hospitality, Leisure Centres, Shops, Reception Areas, Council offices, Government Offices, GP, Outside Spaces, Public Places, Reception, Retail, Supermarket, Cornershop, London, office, school, call centres, showrooms, garages, car dealerships, pubs, sports clubs.




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