About Us

First and foremost we are an exhibition stand and display company with decades of accumulated experience in designing, building and supplying exhibition stands of all types for all environments.

Our range of exhibition display systems is extensive, from a pop up exhibition stand to a sophisticated modular display system. This site focuses manly on off-the-shelf, modular system for self-installation by non-professional installation. Our prices are low and our quality is high. But that is just part of our story and represents just  a fraction of our capability. We can help you design and realise your objectives and visions, working to your budgets and timelines. You can trust us to deliver on time, every time.

We are also experts in display stands which feature printed fabric panels as well as more traditional graphics materials. Textile graphics are a highly attractive option as they offer a degree of flexibility and a different look and feel. 

General Information about Exhibition Display Stands
Display stands have become an essential tool in the arsenal of options available to the modern marketer. Most pop up stands can be assembled in just a few minutes and make an impressive display once set up. Another attractive feature of modern fold up display stands is that they pack away into a lightweight and highly portable package, meaning that a single individual can easily transport, assemble and then work with such a stand. The arrival of grand format digital printing has supported the rapid growth of fast assembly portable displays. The new generation of modular and pop up exhibition display stands is now being further supported by the ability to produce superb graphics printed on to fabrics. The benefits in portability and lighter weight are enormous. We love to talk about fabric displays so please feel free to contact us to chat further about the possibilities!