Artwork Supply

Artwork Sizes, Instructions and Templates
If you don't immediately see the artwork instructions that you require please feel free to call us on 0203 137 2834 or email 

General File Preparation
Please supply your artwork as a CMYK PDF file with FONTS OUTLINED/FULLY EMBEDDED. Images should be 75dpi at full print size.

Uploading Your Artwork
Just click on the link below:


If your file is under 10mb can you email it to 

General Artwork Guidelines For Our Digitally Printed Products

Remember to check your artwork size requirements and any bleed requirements before you start work. 

Do NOT use any overprint settings in your artwork. This may result in elements not printing at all.

Do NOT mix RGB and CMYK elements in the same artwork. Also, if RGB, CMYK and transparency elements
are combined in the same artwork, unexpected print results of varying types will occur.

Please supply Print Ready PDF artwork in CMYK format, with fonts set to outline. Please add 10mm
(or as specified) bleed to all artworks. 

All bitmap images should be 75 - 100dpi at full size. We do not need any higher resolution than this.  Once
processed through our pre-press digital technology your files will actually print at over 1600dpi.  However,
files below minimum resolution will not print well so please check your artwork carefully before you submit
it to us. We do not carry out any image quality checks or spell checking of your artwork. We expect files
submitted to be print ready.

We provide clear specifications for artwork preparation so please ensure all  artworks are submitted to OUR
specification. Once received we normally proceed to print artworks as supplied. We do not take responsibility
for unexpected printing results which are caused by artwork not being supplied to our specification. Re-prints
will be charged at the normal rate.

Taking Care With RGB vs CMYK

If you design your artwork in RGB, it must, at some stage, be converted to CMYK so we can print from it.
RGB is very different to CMYK. Converting from one format to another will likely cause you problems with the
final printed colour so please be aware of this and make allowances for it in your artworks. You should submit
your artwork files in CMYK. For example there are many more colours available on your computer screen than
can possibly be achieved using our four CMYK inks. CMYK digital printers will take any "unprintable RGB colours"
and change them to something that is as close as possible but within the printer's "printable range" - a different
colour to the RGB version. That will change the look of your final print.

Again, if you are seeing bright, intense RGB colours on your computer screen, perhaps fluorescent greens,
blues or purples, you are almost certain NOT to get the same intensity or colour brightness in the final print. 
All computer screens display in RGB because that is how a screen works. Try simulating CMYK on a well calibrated
monitor. In CMYK mode you will not see the bright colours you did in RGB.  So please make sure your artwork is
supplied in CMYK format as we cannot be held responsible for colour anomalies if we are obliged to convert
your files to CMYK in order to print your artwork.

A PDF may be provided so that you can be confident we are printing the correct artwork for you. However, a
PDF is not an accurate reflection of artwork or print colours and should NOT be used for image resolution or
colour proofing. If colour reproduction is a critical factor for you please allow sufficient time to order machine
proofs. It is not always possible to match RGB or Pantone colours using our CMYK printers. We provide clear
specifications for artwork preparation so please ensure all artworks are submitted to OUR specification. Once
received we normally proceed to print artworks as supplied.

Matching Existing Materials

Please ask about this. Printing from the same artwork file, even a short time apart, will NOT produce exactly the same results in terms of printed colour. Please flag this up if you are trying to match existing materials.

File Sending
If your file is under 10mb you can email it to

Or you can upload your larger artwork by using this link:


Or you can send your larger files via,,, dropbox or similar service. 

Questions: 0203 137 2834 or you can email us.

Artwork Template Downloads

Formulate Fabric Pop Ups 2.4m, 3m with round corners
ormulate 2.4m and 3m with round corners sept 2016

Curved magentic pop ups 3x1, 3x2, 3x3, 3x4, 3x5
Curved pop up art artwork templates

Banner stands
Click here to download G5 Oriental banner artwork templates
click to download G3 artwork template and instructions