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Don’t Buy a Pop Up Stand

Don’t Buy a Pop Up Stand

Don’t Buy a Magnetic Pop Up Stand

We want to make sure you choose the right display for you! So Don’t Buy a Pop Up Stand Until You have Spoken to Us!
Before Choosing Your Backwall, Ask Yourself:

1. What size is the area you need to cover?
2. What shape of Backwall is required?
3. What type of print media would you like to use?
4. How often will your display need to be refreshed or re-branded?
5. Does your Backwall display need to be reconfigurable?
6. How portable does your backwall display need to be?
7. Will lighting be required for your display?
8. How will your Backwall be transported?

Vanilla Is Not Right For Everyone! Just Look at These Options!

Embrace is our Silicone Edge Graphic(SEG) Pop-up system with push-fit seamless fabric graphics, which hug
a collapsible lightweight frame giving a sharp crisp image. Available in four sizes, Embrace allows you to erect
a sophisticated display in minutes! Multiple frames can be joined together to create larger seamless.

Formulate Fabric Display
A range of standard or custom structures manufactured from strong yet lightweight tubular aluminium,
providing a simple and portable framework which can be dressed with a tensioned fabric graphic.

Formulate Fabric Curve

A lightweight Hop-up frame system with locking arms. Fabric graphics fit smoothly across the framework
attached in place once frame has been collapsed using hook and loop attachments. Can also be accessorised
with overhead lights.

Magnetic locking arms create an easy to use Pop-up frame structure. PVC graphics are held perfectly in position on
the frame using graphic magnetic strips. Single or double-sided graphic option available and can be accessorised with lights and cases that convert to counters.

This is a simple lightweight, collapsible frame with magnetic locking arms and push-fit fabric graphics. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, it is designed to be portable and durable and it can be set up and packed down quickly and easily.

This great range of adjustable tension backwalls have telescopic poles for adjusting the height and width, so they can fit all spaces and graphic sizes. Composed of lightweight aluminium tubes which the graphics slide onto.