Don’t buy a Formulate fabric display!

Don’t buy a Formulate fabric display!

Don’t buy a Formulate fabric display! Well, at least not until you have checked out our superb range of these excellent display stands.

When it comes to shell scheme graphics these backdrops tick a lot of boxes. For example the graphic sleeve is printed in high resolution colour for an incredible, high impact display. Portability is a key feature and the reason why many people out there opting for a fabric graphic. The 2.4 m wide unit why is only about 8 kg and fits into a carrier bag the size of a sports holdall.

With a full range of accessories in available, including lights,  tables, clamp on shelves and TV accessories, you really need to look carefully at this option before you make any decisions on your next display. What’s more, we are offering to print the reverse for you at absolutely no additional cost. That means you get a double sided display for the price of a single sided display .

Click here for model you prefer (sizes approx.)
2.4m curved Formulate, 3m Curved Formulate6m Curved Formulate 
2.4m straight Formulate3m straight Formulate4m straight Formulate, 5m straight Formulate, 6m straight Formulate

Choose either a curved or straight unit to suit you. You can call us or email us today to chat to an expert for some free, no obligation advice.

Turnaround time on these units is as little as one to 2 days.