Fabric Formulate Straight

Fabric Formulate Straight

Are you looking for a low cost, lightweight. large scale display that will get you noticed at exhibitions and events? Well have you tried a Formulate straight exhibition display stand yet?

Our Formulate tension fabric display stands feature a printed textile “sock” which fits over a simple tubular metal frame. This means that you can achieve a 2.4m x 2.4m display in about 10 minutes. When the show is over simply disassemble it, pop it in the holdall (supplied) and walk away with it. and store it under your desk until the next show. At around £300 it's snip. What's more you can ask us to print the reverse side and we will do just that - at absolutely no added cost. That's effectively two displays for the price of one. It's the same story with our hugely popular Formulate Curve as well.

You might also like to know that these superb kits are close to being 100% recyclable as the frame is aluminium and the graphic sleeve is a  fabric. You can buy accessories like lights, tables and additional printed sleeves which means you keep your frame and just buy new Formulate fabric graphics.

Use indoors at Trade shows and Exhibitions, Meetings and Conferences: Formulate displays can also be used at conferences, where they can be used to provide information about your company or to network with potential customers, Stage Sets, Film and photographic backdrops