Feather and Teardrop flags

Feather and Teardrop flags

Our new season flags are tough with high quality prints in either single or double sided formats.  Choose from 3 shapes of feather flag - Windchaser, feather or teardrop. We have huge experience in making these flags and can advise you about the type of base you need to ensure that your flags are as stable as possible. 

Each of our feather flag models come in multiple height options all the way up to 5.5m. 

We use fibre glass poles for top performance every time.

You will see our flags at sports events across the UK. We make them in-house using our state of the art fabric printers.

Because we manufacture in house we can offer the shortest possible lead times and guaranteed quality.

Please ask about double sided feather flag options.


We can advise you on the right base for your feather flag. Choosing the right base is crucial.