Feather Flags In Five Shapes!

Feather Flags In Five Shapes!

We have extended our range of feather flags to include five popular shapes. Are you now offer rectangular further flags, pressed shaped feather flags, sail shaped for the flags, teardrop shaped flags brackets also known as quill), and Windchaser shapes. We also stock over a dozen different types of base to suit every setting. Please do get in touch to discuss the right base for your purpose. This is really important to get the best possible performance from your feather flags. It is certainly not a case of one solution fitting all scenarios so please do take care with your choice. Our flat starts at about 2.1 m and go up to a whopping 5.6 m high , you will find the exact dimensions on each of our web pages along with templates for your artwork. Please do get in touch with any questions you might have. 


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Choosing a base for your flag