As a leading UK fabric printer we manufacture high volumes of outdoor feather flags and banners every year, and at this time of year we find ourselves busily making them in numbers just as fast as we can.  

In terms of sizes we offer four sizes in each shape. Starting at 2.2 m high our flags go all the way up to 5.5 m tall, that’s enough to dominate any environments, even outdoors. As standard our flags are printed on one side only, on the reverse you will get what is known as" show through" which is a mirror image of what we print on the front. Many people don’t realise that the flags they are so used to seeing outdoors are printed in this manner.  On most of our flags we do however also offer a double sided option. When we make double sided flags we print two flags back to back and, in addition, we stitch a light blocking inter-liner between the two flags which we then stitch back to back. 

A quick reminder of what we offer in terms of feather flags.  We have standard shapes including Wind chaser, sail, rectangular, crest and teardrop styles. We can also produce custom shapes if that’s what you need, just give us a call to talk through your requirements. We source the highest possible quality fibreglass poles for our flags. Fibreglass is tough and resilient in outdoor conditions and we strongly recommend that you choose a fibreglass pole. 

This prevents any show-through or bleed of the image from one side to the other.  Once you have made your choice of flag then clearly you will also need a suitable base to hold them up. We offer a wide range of bases which you will need to select carefully according to exactly how you intend to use them. 

We start with the ground spike, exactly what it sounds like, a steel spike which you drive into soft ground e.g. grassy surfaces. You’ll need a mallet for this. Once you have driven your ground spike into the grass then the flag simply sits in the cup on top, the base of the flagpole is able to rotate within the cup and therefore follows the direction of the wind which in turn reduces the stress on the flagpole to as little as possible. No feather flag will withstand hurricanes but most will happily withstand typical British weather conditions.  The ground spike is, in our opinion, the most stable way of supporting your crest feather flags.

For indoor use you might opt for a lighter weight option. Very popular for indoor flags is the “X” base with a water base which can be filled with water and used for additional weighting if necessary. The base folds up for ease of transport and is relatively lightweight. If you are displaying outside on a hard surface and you cannot use a ground spike then the next best thing will be a moulded base which you can fill with either water or sand. This will give you a good heavy base which is the next best alternative to the stability offered by a ground Spike.  We have a 30 L base which will support even larger double sided flags outdoors. We also offer a 20 L moulded base which can also be enhanced with the addition of a supplementary base which holds another 20 L, this just sits on the primary base.

We also offer drive on car bases which are very popular with car dealers the flag base is forked so that you literally drive a car tyre on top of it and that’s job done. 

Please do ask our advice about the best choice of base for your particular situation; it really is important that you pick the right base for the job to avoid poor performance of your teardrop flag.  Please do get in touch to discuss a superb range of flags in more detail. They are all made in our UK factory and are guaranteed against manufacturing defects. Lead times are from one working day (charges apply) once we receive signed off artwork and we can start work.