Florida fabric pop-up exhibition stand system

Florida fabric pop-up exhibition stand system

Take a look at the new Florida fabric pop-up exhibition stand system from ABC Exhibitions. This highly refined system is totally modular in its construction and suitable for self installation, that means there is plenty of potential to save money on professional installation teams. 

The system is based around Photo quality fabric graphics which are printed using the dye sublimation method. If you watch the video you will see that these fabric sleeves are a piece of cake to work with and produce a photo quality results which will do justice to your brand and your message.

Everything packs down into wheeled trolleys for ease of transport and safe storage.  A wide range of accessories is available, including shelving, brackets for large screen monitors, LED lighting, internal illumination, which makes a superb lightbox (illuminated fabric pop up), and storage cupboards of any dimension. 

This system is designed to be reusable and will literally last for many hundreds of uses. When it is time to update your graphics, simply order new sleeves from us. This might be the last exhibition system you will ever need to purchase as it will grow with you and fit a wide range of spaces with no trouble. 

What’s more ABC are offering a free 3D design deal on this system. All you need do is get in touch to go over your brief. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you are looking for budget options and straight exhibition displays then why not check out formulate straight fabric pop up solution.