Formulate fabric trade show stands

Formulate fabric trade show stands

Do you need a formulate fabric pop up exhibition display stand? If the answer to this question is yes then you are in the right place. We Prince and manufacture these fine displays in a house in our UK factory. All our fabric sleeves are finish to the highest standard and because we manufacture these items in the house we can also offer you the fastest possible the times.

Please do get in touch for a quote on one to 2 day turnaround times. The formulates range of fabric pop ups has transformed art of exhibiting at trade show displays.

Click for straight models...

Formulate 2.4m / 2400mm straight
Formulate 3m / 3000mm straight
Formulate 4m / 4000mm straight
Formulate 5m / 5000mm straight
Formulate 6m /6000mm straight

If you are not already familiar with the formulates range and please ask ask for details. Click for curved models...

Formulate 2.4m / 2400mm curved
Formulate 3m / 3000mm curved
Formulate 6m /6000mm curved