Straight and curved Formulate fabric displays

Straight and curved Formulate fabric displays

Have you heard about our excellent new range of formulate fabric display stands and backdrops? They are incredibly impressive as a pop up exhibition stand or a display stand for stage sets, photo backdrops or any other display application. Light in weight (weighing from just 8 kg) the Formulate fabric range is superb systems assemble in well under 10 minutes and can be carried over your shoulder on aeroplanes, and taxis, on buses, on trains and anywhere else that you would expect to be able to take a holdall. What’s more we print our Formulate straight and Formulate curved fabric systems on both sides for absolutely no additional cost. That’s right, we will print not just the front but also the reverse for absolutely nothing that you get to displays for the price of one! Each system comes with its own tough carrier bag, a frame, and of course a single or double sided printed fabric sleeve.

Sizes available

All curved and straight models are 2.38m / 2380mm high, width options are as follows....

Formulate 2.4m / 2400mm curved
Formulate 3m / 3000mm curved
Formulate 6m /6000mm curved

Click for straight models...

Formulate 2.4m / 2400mm straight
Formulate 3m / 3000mm straight
Formulate 4m / 4000mm straight
Formulate 5m / 5000mm straight
Formulate 6m /6000mm straight

 Once you are finished with  a sleeve or perhaps you change your logo then you can purchase a new sleeve and keep your existing frame. Available in both straight and cursed formats and in bits from 2.4 m right up to 6 m. That is really are the modern solution to display. You can also choose from a range of accessories including LED lights , clip on tables, matching counters and TV brackets. Please do feel free to get in touch for a no obligation chat with one of our display experts. We shall look forward to hearing from you.