Coronavirus Mitigation & Social Distancing

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Coronavirus Social Distancing And Isolation Booths

We have been busy making all types of displays to support all kinds of initiatives in care homes, schools, offices, shops, medical facilities, factories, warehouses, distribution centres, business premises, government & council offices and essential industries. In addition to banners, window signs, pavement signs and flags here are some examples of other ways we can support you.

Floor stickers. Any shape, size or design, delivered in days. From £11.99.

nhs floor stickers

coronavirus floor stickers

floor stickers coronavirus

counter social distancing

Sanitising station. £199.00. Pre-designed artwork or supply your own.

Flags (indoor/outdoor) from £95.00. Delivered in days.

coronavirus covid 19 flag

16. Coronavirus Hand Sanitiser Stations

coronavirus hand sanitizer station


coronavirus hand sanitizer station 1

coronavirus hand sanitizer station 3

A 6 bed ward in 2 hours for £3,000!

Temporary NHS beds ward

Queue management. Use these barriers to keep people 2m apart or to guide them.

Queue management

rope barrier

webbing barrier

covid 19 queue control

social distancing queue system

social distancing queue system

Information Signs. Indoor and outdoor options available.

Coronavirus monument

Information boards. Indoor and outdoor options available.

4. Cough & Sneeze Shield

cashier screen

cashier screen freestanding

Freestanding banner style stands from £79. Indoor and outdoor options available.

coronavirus sign STOP do not enter

coronavirus sign wash hands

coronavirus sign 2

coronavirus sign

7.Video Posters

Freestanding TV sign digital

battery power poster

Create additional rooms where you need them.

temporary office

shielded counter

temporary offices room dividers

virus shield counter

virus shield ticket office reception


virus shield office

Create additional space fast with tents and marquees.

outdoor shelter tent gazebo