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Digital advertising  and messaging screens
Digital advertising  and messaging screens
Digital advertising  and messaging screens
Digital advertising  and messaging screens
Digital advertising  and messaging screens

Product Description

Advertising screens 

Superb, advanced technology means that on-site digital advertising and messaging has tumbled in price and is now more affordable than ever before - and that means you can deliver your messages with more impact than ever before and at a lower cost than ever before.


  • 50”, 55” and 65” screen options
  • Use anywhere indoors
  • Commercial grade brightness
  • Built in speakers
  • Play ads, movies, display images, all with audio
  • Attention-grabber for your message
  • Update automatically from a USB stick in minutes​​​​​​​
  • Build a multi-site network and update instantly and remotely with our sign management portal
  • Castors can be locked
  • Free scheduling software to rotate ads through the day if required
  • Technical support available
  • 3 year warranty, UK service

​​​​​​​Ideal for shops, car showrooms, exhibitions, office, reception areas, travel hubs, hotels, staff communications and multi-site networks. There are literally thousands of potential applications for these displays.

Attractive and Eye Catching
These are the latest generation of advertising displays and their design is based on modern themes to be as attractive as possible. They will enhance any public space. We also offer wall mounted options alongside the freestanding models.

If you have more than one site then you will find our sign management portal to be invaluable. Once all your digital signs are hooked up to an on-site wi-fi network then you will be able to upload new content from one central point at any time, giving you total control from a remote location. Please click here for more information about our sign management portal.

Please feel free to call us or email us for more details.


50" / 55" / 65"
Screen Resolution
50" & 55" - 1080 x 1920 (4K 65" - 2160 x 3840)
450 cd/m^3
(50" - 58kg) (55" - 69.5kg) (65" - 92kg)
50" dimensions
665 mm (w ) x 1843mm (h) x 500mm (d)
55" dimensions
744mm (w) x 1911mm (h) x 500mm (d)
65" dimensions
884mm (w) x 2018mm (h) x 635mm (d)
Power consumption
(50" - 115w) (55" - 155w ) (65" - 295w)
Operating temperature
0 §C to 40 §C
Operating humidity
10% to 80%
Indoor only
Technical support
Media player
Lockable castors included
LED backlighting
Bright 450cd/m2 IPS Panel
Product Code

Digital advertising screens

Product Code Digi4

Digital Exhibition And Advertising Screens