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Outdoor pop-up-banners
Outdoor pop-up-banners
Outdoor pop-up-banners
Outdoor pop-up-banners
Outdoor pop-up-banners
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Product Description


We make our pop-up-banners right here in our UK factory so you don't need to stress about delivery delays! We only use high quality materials and we pride ourselves on our print. We ONLY use fibre glass frames. Before they leave our UK factory we fold our outdoor pop-up banners and slip them into the zip up bag which comes with every pop-up-banner. When you receive them they literally spring back into shape as soon as you take your pop-up banner out of the bag!

We strongly believe in our banners with anti-kink fibre glass frames which are strong and will not kink, extending the life of your banner hugely. We offer these instant promotional banners in five shapes and four different sizes and we make them in our factory right here in the UK

Features and Benefits

  • double sided print included
  • carry bag and pegs included
  • fast to assemble in literally just a couple of seconds
  • extremely light in weight, less than a kilo
  • can be pegged down into soft ground for maximum stability
  • pop-up banners can be used freestanding indoors too
  • can be used on hard ground outdoors with stabilising weights

Our outdoor pop-up-banner is ideal for golf day branding, sports branding and sponsor boarding as well as all other outdoor and indoor sports meetings and events of all kinds including school sports days. The modern alternative to traditional outdoor banner frames. Popular with sports clubs, schools and personal trainers for school sports days, temporary signage, golf days, track markers, golf tees, festivals, outdoor events, concerts, perimeter advertising, sponsor boards, county fairs, car boot sales, motor sport, track days and photo shoots. Outdoor pop-up-banner prices includes high quality double sided full colour print and an integral fibre glass frame, pegs and a carry bag. We make these right here in the UK in our own factory so you can be assured of the highest quality, fastest turnaround times and best possible price.

Shapes and Sizes available:

Oval Pop-up-banner   (Width x Height)            

  • 1200mm  w  700mm h              
  • 1800mm w 800mm h               
  • 2000mm w 1000mm h                
  • 2600mm w 1000mm h

Round pop-up-banner    (diameter)

  • 70cm      
  • 120cm                
  • 150cm       

Rectangular pop-up-banner (Width x Height)  

  • 2000mm w 1000mm  h              
  • 2600mm w 1000mm h           
  • 3000mm w 1000mm h
  • 1400mm w 1400mm h       

Vertical pop-up-banner   (Width x Height)  

  • 1000mm w 1500mm h
  • 1000mm w 2000mm h                        

Square pop-up-banner   (Width x Height)  

  • 1400mm w 1400mm h

Click here for printed pop up gazebo tent


1.2m x 0.7m when assembled
Carry bag included
Ground pegs included
fibre Glass
double sided print included
dye sublimation printing
Dry before storing
Assembly time
30 seconds
Assembly video
Yes, on our web site
1.5kg package
Outdoor use
Indoor use
Frame can be refreshed with new graphics
Tools required
Optional mallet to drive in tent pegs
Full colour print
70cm when assembled
Product Code

Outdoor Pop-Up-Banner

Product Code BEANMINI