What you need to know about a curved or straight 3x1 pop up, 3x2 pop up, 3x3 pop up, 3x4 pop up or 3x5 pop up.

Before you order a stand check the floor space where you want to put it against the dimensions set out below!

Pop up stands are labelled by the structure of the frame rather than the actual dimensions of the assemble display stand. For example, a "3x3" frame does NOT measure 3m x 3m. The term "3x3" refers to the squares made by the frame.

3x3 pop up exhibition stand size

CURVED POP UP - Assembled sizes

3x1 Curved 2225(h) x 1240(w) x 306(d) mm

3x2 Curved 2225(h) x 1930(w) x 485(d) mm

3x3 Curved 2225(h) x 2540(w) x 685(d) mm

3x4 Curved 2225(h) x 3070(w) x 960(d) mm

3x5 Curved 2225(h) x 3570(w) x 960(d) mm

3x3 curved pop up display size

curved pop up exhibition stand sizes

STRAIGHT POP UP - Assembled sizes

3x1 Straight 2225(h) x 1240(w) x 306(d) mm

3x2 Straight  2225(h) x 1970(w) x 306(d) mm

3x3 Straight 2225(h) x 2700(w) x 306(d) mm

3x4 Straight 2225(h) x  3435(w) x 306(d) mm

3x4 Straight 2225(h) x  4160(w) x 306(d) mm


curved pop  up exhibition stand sizes

Still in doubt? No problem, just call us. 

We are a leading UK suppliers of all kinds of exhibition stands. We have been involved in pop up displays for many years and have our own in-house printing operation. We offer a full service including print, production and graphic design if required. All of our pop up frames are suitable for re-use and we can print replacement graphics for virtually any frame on the market, whether we originally supplied it or not.

Feel free to give us a call for expert advice, a chat or a quote!

3x1 pop up curved3x2 pop up curved3x3 pop up curved3x4 pop up curved3x5 pop up curved
3x1 pop up straight, 3x2 pop up straight, 3x3 pop up straight, 3x4 pop up straight, 3x5 pop up straight,